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Indian Cuisine

There are so many food choices when it comes to cuisines of the world! In India one of the top 10 recipes includes the Rogan Josh; Traditional Kashmir wazwan is never complete without this.  It is a beautiful presentation of  Lamb shank or shoulder cooked in kashmiri chili and other spices in a thick gravy and usually eaten with saffron flavoured rice or naan, a type of Indian flat bread.

The Spaulding School of Cuisine will show you how to create this and other Indian specialties such as Macher jhol (Bengali): Every fish lover simply has to try this... fish in tangy tomato based gravy. Tempered in mustard and cumin seeds, lends good blend of flavours to sweet river fish. Try it with steamed rice. Oh sooo good!

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Cuban / Carribean

Cuban Cuisine
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