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French Cuisine
Bonjour mes amies!

Can you hear the lively sound of the French Riviera? Can you smell crisp Mediterranean air? Can you imagine being seated in a lovely outdoor cafe and ready to order a petit dejeuner? Would you like a cafe au lait ( a very milky coffee) or how about a Capuccino; a French cappuccino is thirty per cent espresso coffee, fifty per cent milk, twenty per cent froth or whipped cream. Would you like a croissant with that?

Popular lunch and dinner dishes include a variety of seafood and meats.  Coq au Vin ( Cockerel in Red wine) Baked Camembert, Mussels marinieres, and what about a delectable dessert such as Buckwheat Crepes:  authentic savory crêpes ,made with buckwheat flour and filled with anything you can dream of!

The Spaulding School of Cuisine can show you how to make that perfect cup of coffee, that pouffy fresh croissant, the ultimate meat or seafood dinner and top it off with that dream-come-true mouth watering Crepe Suzette! Sign up now! Book Today

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