It's Good To Go Light!

In the mood to eat light? That's ok! There are tons of salads that you can prepare ahead of time, or for right now to enjoy! From fresh picked veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce and peppers, tossed together with your favourite dressings ranging from the ultimate Cesar creamy sauce, to a cool Ranch or something a little simpler such as a light vinaigrette, to a more sophisticated salad...just add some tuna flakes or chunks of you favourite dressed chicken! You can even toss in some fresh goat cheese! Yum!

The Spaulding School of Cuisine can show you these and so many more different ways to prepare a simple salad and dress it up with all kinds of ingredients!

Classes are conducted one on one as well as in groups depending on community desire.

Contact us today and register for any of our classes! You will Love them!!! Book Today

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