Family Time
Collaborate as a team and bring your family closer together

Family Time Cooking
In our culture and in fact many cultures around the world, food is the centerpoint family and community bonding.  

Through the Spaulding School of Cuisine we not only help enhance the flavors you might serve while entertaining but we also help you to utilize food to enhance the experience of cookong to become a direct part of your social experience.  Whe we cook together we often can grow together.
Through the Spaulding School of Cuisine family time program we encourage families to come together and learn how to bake and cook as a team.  The menu is up to you but the fun is universal.

Family time courses can be done as part of group classes that involve many families, or can be as simple as a one family to one instructor experience in the comfort of your own home.  This program can be done as a one time event or a series of classes that culminates to a very exciting finish line.

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