High school to University or Workforce transition
Finding the time to do it and do it right!

Well, high school, if you all agree, is basically a set time; from 8:30am or so to 3pm or there about.  The typical schedule is grabbing a quick breakfast before you catch your bus, eating a cafeteria lunch or brown bagging it, and then dinner at home with the family if you're lucky.
Transitioning to University or the Workforce, can cause many changes, included here, are eating habits!

School and work hours can get pretty hectic and finding the time to eat, and eat healthy, can become quite challenging!

At The Spaulding School of Cuisine, we have brought together professionals who will show you how to pre-plan your pantry and fridge and teach you how to prepare meals in advance that can be ready at your fingertips after just re-heating.

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