Cuban / Carribean
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Cuban Cuisine

Time to put a little spice into your life! Cuban and Carribean food can be off the charts when it comes to flavour! One amazing dish from the Carribean  is spiced roast chicken, mmmm! A combination of tropical flavors of lime, ginger, thyme, clove, and rum make this chicken so unbelievably mouth!

How about some Sea Bass Cuban style! A mixture of onions, garlic, plum tomatoes, dry white wine, stuffed green olives, capers, pepper flakes and fresh cilantro to dress these sea bass fillets for the classic dinner!

The Spaulding School of Cuisine will teach you how easy this is to prepare and absolutely sure to please. It's a great dish for guests when you have little time to slave all day in the kitchen." Sign up now and we can teach you how!!! Book Today


Mexican Cuisine
Ola my friends! Come and learn to spice up your life with some Mexican spices in our awesome Mexican cuisine classes! Read More

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