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Croatian Cuisine
Dobar Dan!

Ever go to a Croatian celebration? Well, let me tell you...there is definitely no shortage of food there! No matter what you choose to put on your plate, you simply can not go wrong! From mouth watering sour cabbage rolls, chicken schnitzel covered in satarash (a home made mixed vegetable sauce), with a side of oven roasted potatoes with a dash of garlic and rosemary.  You definitely haven't lived until you've tried mouth watering succulent cevapi in lepinje with tzaziki sauce! To die for!

And the desserts....Makovnjaca or Orahnjaca. These are very traditional bread rolls filled with poppy seeds or crushed walnuts, sugar and milk.  Another amazing cookie is known as breskve ( peach coloured pastry balls filled with home made jams) What a beautiful presentation! Cakes galore!

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