Barrie Cuisine Lessons

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Our Barrie Location acts as the center point of the Spaulding School of Cuisine. Teachers from all across all regions of the school combine at our Barrie location.

At present we are finalizing details with a new professional kitchen facility to house the majority of our new programs. We also can provide individualized programs right in your home if that be your desire.

Our administrative office (no kitchen in this facility) is located at 80 Bradford Street Suite 601.
When arriving at 80 Bradford street it is best to park at the side of the building in the free parking spaces provided.  We are in door number 6 (left-most glass entrance) and our office is impossible to miss once you enter.  The room will be located immediately in front of you once you enter.

See you at our next cooking class! Give us a shout and we will get you started right away.


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