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American Cuisine
Captivating cinnamon aroma fills the air as jumbo Cinnabon rolls piping hot are pulled fresh from the oven, Corn dogs, unique to its creating country and the ultimate, mouth watering Reuben sandwich...consisting of corned beef, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and sauerkraut!  Does that say American or what!

At the Spaulding School of Cuisine we have brought together professionals that will show you how to create masterpieces from any countries kitchen! Try your hand in creating this ultimate cinnabon roll with your own two hands!

Classes are held one on one or in groups depending on community desire.

Sign up now and become the culinary artist you know you are deep down inside!

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Indian Cuisine
Let's spice things up a bit! Come with us on a trip through an Indian kitchen and learn to create some daily delicacies! Read More

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